Helan Genova Revitalizing Range – Making Everyday A Great Hair Day

Our hair, our crowing glory is what defines us but it has its own moods – it goes through phases of ups and downs, hair growth & fall owing to periods of stress, ageing and changes in hormones. However, through it all your hair need not suffer and now with Helan Genova’s Revitalizing Programme you can ensure that your hair remains in the thickest of health!

The Helan Genova Revitalizing BioShampoo: Reinforce Your Hair with Good Health!

It is made with a balanced concentration of mineral salts and plant extracts that are nourishing and packed with antioxidants, you can ensure that your hair is washed with extreme delicacy, while preserving its integrity!

The Helan Genova Revitalizing BioConditioner: Achieving Healthy Hair Goals in Style!

Combine your hair-washing regimen with the perfect companion – the Revitalizing BioConditioner. Incorporated with balancing mineral salts, topped with plant-based antioxidants and herbs, you can be well on the way to reinstating the correct hair follicle cycle and regulating hair growth.

The Helan Genova Revitalizing BioLotion PLUS for Women: Celebrating Shiner and Healthier Hair!

Finish off your hair-washing routine with the Helan Genova Revitalizing Biolotion PLUS formulated for women’s hair with a rich blend of key hair-vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbs. Its reinvigorating ingredients stimulate hair pigmentation, reverses hair greying process and rebalances hair growth.

The Helan Genova Revitalizing BioLotion PLUS for Men: For Full & Thick Hair, Naturally!

This BioLotion developed specially for men, contains the perfect harmony of a balanced concentrate of minerals, overflowing with plant-origin antioxidant goodness, vitamins and herbs, to strengthen hair follicles. These ingredients come together to prevent greying and hair loss for fuller and thicker hair the natural way.

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